Daily necessity, indispensable practice: feeding. This primary need becomes pleasure if practiced with skill but can become art and delight on festive occasions.


And which party is full of Christmas-filled excitement?
We are looking for the best recipes, the tried and tested ones. The good service, the most beautiful cutlery, the special tablecloth.
Suddenly we remember we all have something to remember. A place where we were happy, a reason to sit down and celebrate. And it does not matter whether believers or not, in this period we are all relieved of a spirit eager for peace and communion.
At Christmas I can not help but set in a special way. Appliance because I want to give pleasure and delight. Appliance because I am happy to recognize for a second the shimmer in the eyes of those who enter the room as if it were a child, caught by a sense of wonder. Appliance because I care and every guest is important and counts. And the table becomes the fulcrum and altar, around which gathering can be a source of joy and fun.
This year I had fun preparing an imaginary vegetable garden. Just to remember that everything we can have of good and precious must be sown, watered and protected, if we really want to reap the benefits.
My table, ready for Christmas.


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