The usual things can have a different taste, if only we look at each other a little round and we try to rediscover and to appreciate apparently simple and usual things.

In case of the mozzarella to the inhabitant of Capri, for example, the true protagonists are the tomatoes and the fresh grasses. The "classic" receives that it foresees the use of copper plated tomatoes and basil leaves. It is possible to exploit the great tomatoes variedness in offer on the market and to the place of the basil I use the oregano.

Tomatoes ox's heart, copper plated, ciliegino and the sweetest datterino. Black olives and an abundant handful of the freshest, only gathered oregano. Spectacular in his simplicity! And even though it is a plate extremely simply I try always to treat of the presentation. The substance forms it for to me preanuncia and without exaggerating with too much refinement and adulteration, I cut the pomdori and try to arrange all of it in harmonious way. The vegetables are already beautiful and decorative by nature and it is sufficient to respect their shape when we cut them.

I arrange first the round fete of the copper plated tomatoes, alternating with the oval fete of “ox's heart” and of the mozzarella, to finish then floppy discs of ciliegino and the little drops alungate of the sweetest pomdoro datterino.

A thread of extra oil vergine, some black olives and a rain of foglioline of only picked up oregano.

Certain plates are like poetry: the majority is simple and the majority moves us.


The Prescription:


  • 2 mozzarelle of cow buffalo with 125 g each one
  • 1 tomato “ox's heart”
  • 1 copper plated tomato
  • 2 tomatoes ciliegino
  • 4 tomatoes datterino
  • A handful of olives taggiasche
  • 2 spoons of extra oil olive vergine
  • Fresh oregano leaves
  • Salt and pepper q.b.

I wash and dry very well the tomatoes. I cut to rashers “ox's heart”, the copper plated ones and the ciliegino. Taglo in half the datterini. I cut to rashers also the mozzarella and arrange all of it alternating rashers of tomato and of mozzarella finishing the olives taggiasche, the extra oil vergine and the foglioline of fresh oregano. An important sagacity that it makes the difference: never to serve the cold mozzarella. This tasty and delicate cheese resists perfectly if completely immersed in his conservation serum, for 4 or 5 days. Stop to hold it in a fresh place, never under 12 degrees.


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