Rest in the shade during the hottest hours; lounging.

A term coined specially for summer days, where the only desire is to find cool and fresh. The contact with nature brings us back to a dimension of serenity and calm, to break the hectic pace of the work during the year.

For those who have the passion for the picnic you will find here some suggestions of recipes tasty and quick to make. Including, for example, the recipe of the salad of smoked salmon with avocado and grapefruit, in the “take-away”, was, in the glass jar. And so is the Caprese with buffalo mozzarella, or eggs digionese, in a summer version, which does not require the use of cream and butter, but extra virgin olive oil. Finish the salad with whole fruit, which lasts longer.

What can not miss? The home-made coffee and kept well warm in a thermos and served in small glasses.

A good book, the gentle breeze, the noise of the cicadas singing. What can you desire more?




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