There are only a few days left and she will be here: Spring. The most beautiful season of the year comes with a myriad of colorful flowers, blue skies and a mild climate.

Impossible not to feel renewed too, with a great desire to finally be able to open the windows and let in fresh air and lots of light!

And with flowers there are also new recipes, new colors to exploit, new inspirations. For those who do not yet have in mind which dishes to prepare for Easter lunch and how to prepare the table I leave here my suggestion, which is nothing more than the result of a great desire for calm and return to the old dear traditions.

The simplicity of a well-ironed white tablecloth, well-polished silver cutlery, fresh seasonal flowers that can be found easily and without great expense, along with some appetizing and quick to prepare dishes.

I start with dessert, which is a winner for its practicality and speed of preparation, as well as being very versatile: meringue. This time we prepared it with raspberries and strawberries covered with Ruby chocolate.

The whiteness of the meringue contrasts wonderfully with the bright red color of the red fruits, sweetened by pink chocolate. The glance is remarkable and stimulating.

Preparing the meringue is easier than it seems and you will find the recipe in our previous post. In this version chantilly cream is not used but only fresh fruit (in this case strawberries and raspberries) and Ruby chocolate previously melted in the microwave.

Cut a piece of Ruby chocolate into small pieces and melt it in the microwave for 30 seconds.

Withdraw, stir, put in the microwave for another 30 seconds.

Stir again and if necessary continue for another 30 seconds. Gently take the raspberries and dip the tip in the freshly melted chocolate. The same with strawberries for decoration. Sprinkle the meringue and fruit with the remaining melted chocolate. The dessert is ready!


All the table decoration will be in harmony with the colors of the dessert. By superimposing a white filet lace tablecloth on a blue tablecloth I obtained a delicate play of colors. The blue stands out even more the bright red of the raspberries!


Tip: The embroidered tablecloth should always be ironed inside out. In this way the embroidery acquires relief and stands out wonderfully! 


What can not miss on a spring table? The flowers, of course. I chose easily available flowers, even at the supermarket: tulips and peach flowers, together with roses in shades of soft pink to fuchsia. In this case, sweetness doesn't just pass through the palate.

And finally, a "decor" touch that actually has a practical function: the tag with the name of the dessert. Because beauty when it is practical and good becomes ideal!


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