Egg with Dark Chocolate Honeycomb

Egg with Dark Chocolate Honeycomb

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The 250g dark chocolate egg is a generously sized, deep brown egg made with high quality dark chocolate.

The surface of the egg is rough to give a complete and satisfying tasting. 

The egg is decorated with a chocolate honeycomb made with crisp and crumbly dark chocolate, with a slightly porous and irregular texture.

Above the honeycomb are placed small colored chocolate bees, expertly made by skilled chocolatiers, arranged harmoniously on the surface of the egg. The chocolate bees are made with a chocolate tempering technique, which allows for a crisp and crumbly texture, but at the same time delicate and light. 

The visual effect is that of an elegant and refined dark chocolate egg, with a touch of cheerfulness and originality given by the bees and honeycomb theme decoration.

Perfect for an Easter surprise or as a gift for dark chocolate lovers.  

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