Brera's Rose

A tribute to the famous rose created specifically for the Pinacoteca di Brera.
InJuly 2016 the director of the Pinacoteca James Bradburne, visited the Barni greenhouse and selected a rose cluster, created by a French specialist, which was subsequently protected by copyright as "Brera rose".
In May 2017, during the Orticola event, the rose was then officially presented and transplanted into the Brera Botanical Garden and became the symbol of the annual Brera prize, awarded during the "Ballo di Brera" (traditional Brera's ball) on June 21, 2017.
The "Rosa di Brera" has a curious starry shape and shows in bud a two-tone red and yellow hue that during opening evolves into a magenta color with cream shades in the lower part of the petal. And it is precisely the changeable characteristic of this particular robust and delicate rose that attracts us, its evolution givins us its best version.


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