A quite painstaking balcony, even if little, it can give huge satisfactions and be the also most useful. I have a true passion for the aromatic grasses that I use regularly in kitchen and in this period I have devoted to myself to choose and to cultivate in new pots the grasses that I like more. Now that it is a Spring I find what there is a wonderful way of starting the day to sit in my green angolino and to sip the first coffee in perfect silence. The plants, especially the sage and the mint, perfume intensely when they are watered, and it is a little as if they thank. This little ritual makes me happy and prepares positively the spirit for me.

This year I have rinvasato plants that I had purchased last year. They have grown and space and soft soil were needing the majority. I have added then to my modest harvesting two trunks of laurel, which on a very little time have already led on different buds. Not only they will be used for me when I have to prepare roasts or fishes but crescendo will help to cover the wall with the balcony with their thick me leaf green darkly.

And I have not resisted the purchase of a plant of climbing roses, called “Eden Gnawed”, the flowers colour pink palido and many petals.


The sage has resisted very well to the winter and is between favourite mine because it is not capricious. Evergreen robust and rustic, it will give me the most beautiful bunches of fiorellini blue to shape of bell, towards the June.
The fleshy leaves will go perfectly to prepare “saltimbocca to the Roman one” or simply passed in the butter melted to flavour gnocchi or ravioli. When I prepare the butter melted with the sage I always add a tiny quantity of water of cooking of the dough, to prevent the butter from being burnt. The biggest leaves are the best wipes in light batter, type tempura, and frit.


Also the rosemary is a very resistant rustic plant and the use when I prepare steaks, roasts of beef or of lamb. Fabulous on a simple mixture of white focaccia flavoured with extra oil vergine and big salt.

The oregano with his little roundish foglioline gives an incredible taste to the plate more gettonato starts being only warm: Inhabitant of Capri with cow buffalo mozzarella. I prepare it with 3 or 4 types of different tomatoes, black olives denocciolate, a thread of extra oil vergine and the abundant freshest, only picked up oregano.

The thyme is the ideal complement and it returns more digestible meats roast, juices and vegetables. Delicious on the chicken meat. The perfect also on the mushrooms, in the fillings, in the plates of fish, or with the soft cheeses, kind the cheeses with goat milk. The thyme is an authentic jolly! In summer, for example, I like very much like condiment together with the honey, on the cheese only warmed Chèvre accompanied by quite ripe figs.

I have bought two types of bedders of thyme, of which variegated one also known as “thyme lemon”, for his aroma that remembers vaguely the citrus.


And then there is she, the mint: favourite mine! I flavour the cous cous, the chicken to the curry, the marrow for the salt cake, the sauce to the yoghurt, the raw beans for the bruchetta, the strawberries and the fruit salads in general, not to speak then the delightful drunk infusion of leaves of mint in summer time.

Beyond all the innumerable advantages and utillizzi aromatic grasses there it is then this: the pleasure and the delight of property a balcony that seems a little garden, a paradise corner!


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