"I grow my own garden, and my garden grows me."
You don't have to have a real garden in order to cultivate a passion for greenery and flowers.
Even those who have a small balcony can enjoy the joy of having some greenery in front of the eyes: aromatic plants, some evergreens and the inevitable rosels that embellish and smell any environment.
Having pots with small roses allows us to have at least one, if not several fresh compositions to distribute here and there.
And so we can have, for example, rosellines and mint leaves arranged in a simple glass, on the tray where to serve coffee or on the coffee table near the sofa.
Not complicated at all, certainly uncommon.


Even just a few flowers or a small plant can make a real difference in any environment


Roselline, New100 


The jar with the forest fringes
A single camellia in a glass. On the snack tray 
or to embellish the board
Chinese mandarin saplings directly from the balcony
to embellish the table along with jars of basil and sage
Scented lemons and leaves of tangerines or bay leaves 
Here instead the link to see some ideas of using aromatic plants in the kitchen:




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