Chocolate mousse is one of those classic recipes, that is, proven and approved all over the world.
Very easy to do and with an added advantage: it can also be prepared the day before.

Soft and mouth-watering, this chocolate mousse recipe requires just a few moves and needs few ingredients. The only requirement: that they are fresh and of high quality.

Very fresh egg white whipped until stiff, butter worked with sugar, egg yolks and grated orange peel, quality chocolate. Nothing else is needed.

I chose to serve the mousse in small gold-colored cocottes, to highlight the voluptuous color of the dessert, decorating at the end with freeze-dried wild strawberries and crystallized and chopped rose petals.



  • 100 g of dark chocolate cut into small pieces
  • 2 soup spoons of sugar
  • 3 eggs (separate the yolks from the whites and set aside)
  • 1 tablespoon lightly salted butter
  • Grated orange zest (preferably organic oranges)
  • freeze-dried wild strawberries and crystallized rose petals (optional)

Prepare a saucepan with a bain marie and bring to the boil. Turn off the flame when the water starts to boil and place a glass baking dish with the chocolate cut into small pieces. Stir until the chocolate has completely melted.
Work the butter with the sugar and the grated orange zest until the butter becomes light and frothy.
Add the chocolate previously melted in a bain marie to this mixture obtained with butter and sugar, working well until it becomes well homogeneous. Add the yolks one by one, beating vigorously.
Whip the egg white until stiff adding the mixture of chocolate, butter and sugar, mixing gently from bottom to top to prevent it from "disassembling".
The mousse obtained should be left in the refrigerator at least 4 hours before serving.


For the dark chocolate mousse I used the 64% dark chocolate bar:  You can find it here.

Dark chocolate bar 64%


A receita in portugues!


  • 100g of chocolate meio bitter cut into pedaços
  • 5 colheres de sopa de açucar
  • 3 eggs (separate as clear from gems)
  • 1 colher de sopa de manteiga salgada
  • 1 colhersinha de casca de laranja raspada bem fina (melhor se for organic laranja)
  • Morangos liofilizados e pétalas de rosas cristalizadas (optional), para enfeitar

Prepare the Banho Maria and when the ferver starts, open the call. Place the chocolate in a glass pyrex and follow the banho Maria. Deixar or chocolate derreter, mexendo bem. Nao deixe o chocolate entrar em contato com a àgua.
Enquanto isso trabalhar a manteiga com o açùcar ea casca de laranja raspada, até a manteiga ficar clarinha. Juntar aos poucos o chocolate derretido misturarando bem. Adicionar as gemas, batendo bem até amalgamar completo.
Bater as claras en neve firme e envolver manually or chocolate, devagar e com doçura, com Movimentos de baixo pra cima pra nao desmontar as neves.
Put them in the tacinhas and serve them cold. Eu decoro com moranguinhos liofilizados e pétalas de rosas crystallizadas, fica lindo!