If you've already tasted our chocolate mousse and you liked it, then this is the recipe for you: the chocolate mousse with marron glacé and whipped cream, which recalls the famous "Mont Blanc" dessert in terms of flavors and texture. It is a really simple and quick dessert to prepare, ideal for festive occasions. Few ingredients are enough for 6 portions: 500ml fresh cream (to be divided into two 250ml portions) 3 soup spoons full of the Chocolate Mousse mix a nice handful of chopped marron glacé, and 6 divided in half for decoration Procedure: Pour 3 tablespoons of chocolate mousse mix into a bowl, add 250ml fresh cream. Whip everything together with an electric whisk for 4 or 5 minutes. Arrange the chopped marron glacé in the bottom of individual glasses or in the container you have chosen to serve the dessert. Pour the chocolate mixture and place in the fridge for 60 minutes. Before serving, garnish with a nice dollop of fresh whipped cream and a piece of marron glacé.