the eye wants its part. At the table, then, this maxim applies with even more force.

Match the tablecloth and dishes can be a fun game, especially when the objects come from places that are completely different.

And if it is true that “the eye eats first,” the preparation of the table has a decisive role in the success of an exhibition.

I've put together, for example, a tablecloth-linen-hand printed in the Stamperia Bertozzi, the emilian company founded in 1920 and the dishes of the company, Vista Alegre, an ancient producer of porcelain in Portugal since 1815.

Warm colors and geometric shapes that enhance the freshness and the simplicity of the salad composed of simple ingredients: lettuce, smoked salmon, grapefruit, cut into segments, avocado, goat's cheese of goat's milk and a few berries of pink pepper.

Small tricks to make it even more inviting, the salad:
The grapefruit, skinned alive, deprived of the white skin that makes it bitter citrus.
The pulp of the avocado collection with one scavino from melon, forming lovely soft balls and bright color, ready in small bites to take in the mouth.
Finally, the goat cheese fresh goat, served in quenelles made with the help of two tablespoons.

This salad can also be prepared in glass, as in the “pic-nic”! Just layer each of the ingredients to extracts and seasoning at the end.

Simple, but nice.



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